Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I fully believe that cooking is a craft.  On that note, I've been trying to "craft" new things in the kitchen at least once a week.  I want healthier, and I want homemade.  Gone are the days of Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut for this little family!  I really do love cooking at home.  It's more conveinient, it saves money, and it's so fun!

Okay, so I saw a recipe for Tortilla's from scratch, and (much to my surprise) it looked so easy!  I figured that if they were sold pre-made in stores, then they must be hard to make.  WRONG! 

I found two recipes, that had very different key ingredients, so I decided to try them both at the same time. Recipe "1" called for yeast as the "different key ingredient" and Recipe "2" called for baking powder and oil.  I'll post both recipes below.  I took a picture of each step.  (NOTE: Recipe "2" took half the time to rise as the other, so I made that one first)